Saturday, September 29, 2012




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image by Pat Post WELCOME

Hello, I am Patrick Spangler. All photos will be for sale, except for those without a number below them. (see pricing page)

This is me. Right from the webcam.

I take pictures, whether at a birthday party or friendly gathering. I do lengthy photo shoots from parties to taking photo shoots of a high school seniors. These memories will be kept for a long time to come. The places visited during the high school years.

Child photographs are very pleasing and sometimes as a photographer I need to feel like a child to get the right shot and always to be ready. Children are quick and like to play and fool around. It is always good for one or both parents close by when a child photo shoot is going on.

Graduations of all sizes happen every year. There are so many kinds, from kindergarten, elementary school, jr. high, high school and college, also trade school graduation.

There are also plenty of still life shots that catch the eye which is not left only to vivid imagination. Photographed for keepsake.


Roses, helicopters, great white egrets, hawks catching their prey, high school seniors, cloud formations, whatever comes my way.

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